Trade Divisions

A&R Provisions

A&R Provisions' mission is to assist our customers with the timely distribution of their purchases and to achieve maximum purchasing power with every dollar. Providing value-laden products at discounted prices, A&R is known throughout the industry for our excellent business practices which insures strong, lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers.  With over fifty years of combined experience, A&R has expertise in the meat and grocery industry (both wholesale and retail) as well as secondary markets, we are prepared to put that experience and expertise to work for our customers.

Contact A&R Provisions

Andrew Yago
Phone: (323) 235-7515
E-mail: Andrew
Rick Van der Zwag
Phone: (323) 235-7516
E-mail: Rick 
Jeff Snow
Phone: (323) 235-7522
E-mail: Jeff

Fax: (323) 235-6920

ARK Seafood

ARK Seafood, Inc. is an importer and national wholesaler of premium frozen seafood. ARK Seafood has over 10 years of experience in direct seafood importing and takes great care in the quality of sourcing throughout the world. ARK has extensive experience in the full spectrum of seafood products and has established long term relationships with a solid global network of trusted suppliers. For more information about ARK, please visit their website.

Contact ARK

Alan R. Kiwi
Phone: (833) 275-3474
E-mail: Alan
Darryl Fowler
Phone: (833) 275-3474
E-mail: Darryl 
Nicole Charbonneau
Phone: (833) 275-3474
E-mail: Nicole 


BW Specialties

BW Specialties, an Italian and specialty food distributor based in Vernon, California, distributes only the finest name brands, imported and domestic. We proudly feature Nina Brands, DeCecco Pasta, Belgioiso Cheese, Citterio, Molinari, Principe, Academia Barilla, and Parma Cotto products. We deliver the products our customer's demand, not private label look-a-likes.

Contact BW Specialties

Matt Cook
Phone: (323) 235-7550
Fax: (323) 235-6926
E-mail: Matt

Dedicated Wholesalers

As the eastern division of Lawrence Wholesale, Dedicated Wholesales operates a full service protein distributorship that services customers across the Northeastern portion of the United States.  Our trucks run from Maine to South Carolina, carrying boxed beef, pork, chicken, imported beef, lamb, and seafood.

Dedicated Wholesalers is committed to providing customers with the most competitive prices in the industry, along with unmatchable customer service.  All orders taken are for next day delivery. With over 80 years of combined experience in the industry, Dedicated Wholesalers' staff has the resources and the drive to deliver on all of our customers needs.

Contact Dedicated Wholesalers

Howard Krakoff
Phone: (908) 889-0560
Fax: (908) 233-4108
E-mail: Howard

Devine Wholesale

Devine Wholesale is a full range protein distributor of beef, poultry, pork and seafood throughout the Southwestern United States.  Devine services a wide range of customers from large wholesalers all the way down to small retailers.  Devine draws on decades of experience to assure their customers are provided a competitive price and top quality products.

Contact Devine Wholesale

Phone: (602) 443-0900
Fax: (602) 443-0912
John Cuthbert
Phone: (623) 824-4425
E-mail: John
Ed Sims
Phone: (602) 206-1310
E-mail: Ed
Aaron Sims
Phone: (602) 402-4950
E-mail: Aaron
Ernie Tercero
Phone: (602) 214-5290
E-mail: Ernie

Food America

Food America supplies quality seafood, beef, pork and poultry to a multitude of satisfied customers.

Contact Food America

Gearoid O Toole
Phone: (323) 235-6925
Fax (323) 235-6933
E-mail: Gearoid
Anthony Palma
Phone: (323) 235-6927
E-mail: Anthony

Hobbs and Torres

Hobbs and Torres has over thirty five years of combined experience in the meat industry. We take pride in offering products from Australia and New Zealand to Central and South America. Our reach and relationships span the globe and we continue to expand into new international markets. We offer customers a wide array of services and solutions, including developing new cuts and product offerings - from start to finish.

Contact Hobbs and Torres

Steve Hobbs
Phone: (303) 660-0262
E-mail: Steve
Javier Torres
Phone: (303) 660-0644
E-mail: Javier
Breeann Brown
Phone: (303) 660-1914
E-mail: Breeann

King-Pak Food Services

King-Pak started as a family business and has operated for more than 50 years with a specialization in Healthcare Foodservice.  Originally a meat processor, over time King Pak added other products and capabilities to become a complete broad line distribution company.

As a pioneer in the Healthcare segment, over the years King-Pak has developed many menu items that continue to be used today in the facilities that King Pak services.  Our particular area of expertise is the overseeing of customer purchasing habits to help them maintain budget goals.

Contact King-Pak Food Services

Don King
Phone: (323) 235-7585
Fax: (323) 235-6926
E-mail: Don

RW International

RW International is a full service meat company with expertise in beef, camel, chicken, goat, lamb and mutton.  RW International is positioned as one of the leading importer's and distributors of Halal meat items throughout the United States as well as a well-connected exporter of beef products to Mexico.  RW International has been serving markets across North America for over 15 years.

Contact RW International

Randy Weinstein
Phone: (952) 897-1134
E-mail: Randy

Fax: (952) 897-1377

Superior Meat Distributors

Superior Meat Distributors is a full line meat distribution company specializing in wholesale and retail customers throughout Nevada and Utah.

Contact Superior Meat Distributors

Tony Chanove
Phone: (702) 558-4969
Fax: (702) 564-8169
E-mail: Tony

Trydant Trading

Trydant Trading is a full line meat distribution company specializing in wholesale and retail accounts throughout California and Arizona.

Contact Trydant Trading

Thad Reeves
Phone: (480) 939-6317
Fax: (480) 361-6998
E-mail: Thad