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In an industry that is constantly in motion, one thing remains constant, relationships. Working as a business partner with many mid to large-sized protein producers, our competitive advantage lies in our relationships as well as our understanding and foresight of market conditions.


Lawrence Wholesale, LLC was founded in December of 2000 by Mark Liszt, with the support of a small group of private investors.  From 2000 to present, the Company has grown from a small group of poultry traders to a nationwide sales force of diverse (and sometimes exotic) proteins from all over the world.  While the Company itself is still young, many of the key players have 25+ years of experience in the industry.

With our headquarters located in Vernon, California and our sales force stretching from coast to coast, the Company has the ability to service a nationwide customer base efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

To build long-lasting relationships by sharing our vast knowledge of the industry, advising on expanding and contracting inventory levels and buying patterns; and perhaps most importantly, providing competitive pricing and reliable access to a wide array of wholesale food products.


Our emphasis on relationships and ethical business practices has persevered through our immense growth from inception to present.